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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do you provide Plaster Fun House invitations card with the party details?
A:Yes, we offer an optional Plaster Fun House party invite for you to send to guests. This includes party details and how to get to Plaster Fun House.

Q: What is the duration of the party?
A: 2 hours

Q: Do you do the setup and decorations for the party?
A:Yes. Just bring your smiles and creativity on that day.

Q:What other activities will the participants enjoy on the day?
A:Apart from painting the plasters figurines, they will enjoy a variety of other fun activities best suited to the average age and theme of the party. We will also provide the prizes for the games.

Q:How much do I have to pay per participant?
A:Only $18.90 per participant!

Q:I want to purchase the Plaster Fun House party pack, how will I receive the plasters?
A:You can pick them up at our shop 3 days before the party

Q:What do you include in the goodie bag?
A: A take home sand art kit and vouchers from Plaster Fun House

Q: How many weeks in advance must I confirm my party bookings?
A: Due to overwhelming responses, please confirm your booking at least 3 weeks in advance by calling our store or email to enquire.