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Step into Plaster Fun House where you’ll find a cozy venue to learn and enjoy 3D painting. We provide a wide range of high quality plaster designs at an affordable price. This is a sanctuary for children to develop their artistic talent, adults to explore their hidden talent and bring back old childhood memories.

Here, parents can spend quality time with children through 3D painting. What’s more, you may even discover the artist in you or your children. 3D painting boosts the children’s confidence and creativity as they can paint and express themselves.

You can choose from over 300 designs, ranging from home decorative items to coin banks which range from $6.90 to $39.90. We provide the brushes, paints and glitters for FREE. Once you’ve finished painting, the friendly crew will apply a layer of gloss which acts as a top coat to give it a polished look and you can take home your figurines on the same day! But that’s not all, try your hand at coloured sand art, vinyl art or join our workshops to explore the various ways you can decorate your home tastefully with your personalized painted items.

We understand you’re on a tight schedule and always on the go. We provide “take away” packs too. Simply choose your soon-to-be masterpiece and our friendly crew will pack it up for you to paint in the comfort of your own home.